Bye bye lighttpd, hello Nginx

I had to replace lighttpd with nginx on my server today after struggling with force https redirects on lighttpd. They seem to be bugged at least in the version I was using.

So it’s sadly the end of me and lighttpd, as this was not the first time I was fighting against bugs. It’s a nice small web server that I always liked but it’s over. I lost so many hours today just fighting with the config syntax that should be working following their documentation only to read later that it may not work reliably in an older version.

I lost my patience. Sorry! The same thing was working in nginx within 15 minutes.

I tried to set up force ssl redirects for all vhosts I am using on this server. SSL encryption on this server is still fairly recent because setting up wild card certificates through lets encrypt is not as trivial as single domain verification using certbot.

– through a dns txt record challenge

certbot-auto certonly --server
--manual --preferred-challenges dns -d 'yourdomain.tld,*.yourdomain.tld'

After having done that I now wanted to disable all http traffic. Such a simple thing but apparently not so simple for lighttpd.

Anyway, I am happy nginx is there for me, thank you <3