A static website?

Why I ended up choosing Hugo

So, after looking around for quite some time for a static website solution for my new VPS. I ended up with Hugo written in Go. From what I have tried so far, and I spend a lot of time trying (at one point I even wanted to publish this website using Ruby’s pandoc) - I think this is the most simple and beautiful solution (for me at least).

Every page is rendered from Markdown, so I don’t need to bother with template engines like ejs or jade/pug.

My theme has nice Syntax highlighting, for when I want to share some code :)

s = "Python syntax highlighting"
print s

I can put images very easily and they are rendered nice and very clean.

alt text

The content structure of Hugo is very logical and seemed rather welcoming to me as a complete beginner. Even other solutions said to be “easy” like Harp or Wintersmith that I tried didn’t feel as intuitive.

100% static

For my needs a static website is just perfect, as I don’t plan on writing new articles every day (Sorry!). And I really did not want to mess with PHP or MySQL. (I don’t even have PHP running on this server!)

So I can occasionally publish new posts writing just Markdown and will just generate the the website again.